Saturday, 9 May 2009

MAYLYNNE & MOM: A Mother's Love

BEST FRIENDS: Maylynne Walton and mom, Lynne May, are picture perfect

WHAT do you get when you pair one of our most talented and beloved stage and screen stars with the woman who can read her like a book? The most real and refreshing interview either has ever done. Actress Maylynne Walton and her dear mama, Miss Lynne May Lowe, are not just mother and child; they are sisters, best friends, each other’s rock.

Though decades apart, they share generations of beauty, coolness and talent. The creative spirit resides in them both. While Maylynne is known for her work on TV’s Royal Palm Estate and acclaimed theatrical productions, Miss Lynne May is secretly a gifted wordsmith with a passion for poetry and civic service. Both women not only share a familial bond, they have a spiritual connection, a mutual respect and an affinity for changing the world. Here, the beautiful twosome cements their friendship with tidbits on life, love and limitless possibilities.


Miss Lynne May on her daughter’s success: “I am extremely happy for her because she has worked hard and sacrificed. She is a very loving daughter and someone I am proud of. I love the work she does and wish her even more success.”

Maylynne on being a role model for young women: “Being a role model is something that comes with a lot of expectations and it’s great to be admired by other young women. I am honoured for others to look up to me.”

Miss Lynne May on her daughter’s growth as an actor: “I think she has grown exceedingly. [Acting] is something that she has always wanted to do. I know she will continue to demonstrate that same level of professionalism in her work and continue to excel.”

Maylynne on what her mom taught her about being a woman: “She has taught me endurance, patience, faith and a lot of prayer. I grew up the last of five girls, which some people might think is kind of stereotypical (Laughs). My mom helped me build character. She is the best mom in the world and she is my best friend.”

Miss Lynne May on television versus the stage: “I like seeing her perform on both, even though I don’t get to watch Royal Palm Estate regularly because I have so much to do. Whenever I do get a chance to see her perform, it’s always a delight.”

Maylynne on finding the right balance between life and work and family: “It’s very difficult. My family and my personal life have been neglected because of my work. I always miss my family. I haven’t been in Jamaica for Mother’s Day for the last six years and this year I won’t be here. The obligation to my work has deprived me of a lot of family time. But I am very close to my family so that helps a lot. It’s difficult to find the right balance between work and career, but you have to strike a balance or your life will fall apart.”

Miss Lynne May on grandkids and the future: “I would love even one grandchild from Maylynne but I don’t see the possibility of that happening right now (Laughs). She’s too busy. For now, I am just enjoying the fact that her stage and television career is taking her places. I give her full support.”

Maylynne on moving forward and challenging herself: “I definitely want to pay attention to the kind of projects I take on. I don’t want to put myself in any bracket. It’s a big challenge but I am determined to stay on this path to bigger and better things. As a woman, I am just enjoying my life. I had a very tumultuous childhood, so I am fully enjoying my adulthood (Laughs).

Want more Maylynne? Don't miss her as Tanya Blackburne on CVM's Sunday-night dramafest Royal Palm Estate.

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