Wednesday, 5 August 2009

CULTURE NEWS: Independence Day Message by the Students For Transformation

47 years ago when faced with a choice of federation or sovereignty, our nation’s people spoke and our leaders led us to Independence.

The road to Independence symbolized the innate Jamaican quality to face and overcome our challenges; for as a people we were not daunted by the prospects of being Independent in a hostile global environment. This quality of strength, further represented by the black in our National flag, is a quality that lies within us all as Jamaicans and transcends generations.

Almost half a century later, we the youth of Jamaica are similarly faced with our own challenges in this modern and independent Jamaica. What this now requires is a resurgence of that same innate Jamaican quality and strength which our people showed in the road to Independence.

We the youth must see it as our responsibility to play our part in national transformation, and as the future leaders of our nation we must spark the Fresh Start from now that Jamaica needs to attain her fullest potential so that tomorrow’s Jamaica may be brighter than today’s.

It is this acknowledgement of purpose coupled with our undying zeal for a national development that inspired the formation of the Students for Transformation as we work assiduously to be agents for national transformation; a mission embedded in our fervent belief that “a little child shall lead them”.

Like our leaders that led us into Independence, the Students for Transformation is not daunted by the seemingly arduous task at hand, rather we are highly motivated and are ready to begin the process of the Fresh Start. We are but one facet of society and thus as we as a nation celebrate the Jamaican spirit which brought us through the difficult and the prosperous times, the failures and the successes, tears and the laughter of the past 47 years. Let us all work together hand in hand to transform our nation. Let us all do our part so that “Jamaica may, under God, increase in beauty, fellowship and prosperity, and play her part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race.”

Happy Independence Day and may our Eternal Father continues to bless our island home Jamaica.

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