Wednesday, 5 August 2009

FILM NEWS: New C'bean film for Aug 19 premiere

TROUBLE IN 'PARADISE': A new Caribbean film set to premiere

The makers behind a new Caribbean film promise to bring the heat with this one. Directed by Noel Howell,
Redemption of Paradise is an “exciting and action-packed” drama about vigilante justice set on the beautiful island of Paradise. What was once a safe and pleasant island has become plagued by violence, drugs, and gangs.

Tired of the corruption that has infested her community, one citizen decides to take a stand. Millie (played by dancehall star Macka Diamond) forms a community watch group, which encourages the local businessmen to stop paying protection money and help thwart the work of Paradise's drug kingpin. The subplot involves a much younger Millie and before long a horrible twist to the story begins to unravel.

Produced by Howell’s film company Colour Bars Film Production,
Redemption of Paradise was filmed mainly in Antigua, featuring actors from across the Caribbean. An international crew flew to Antigua to orchestrate stunts, car chases and explosions.

Howell is extremely proud of his latest production, confident that movie goers will love every minute of it, especially with an internationally recognized Jamaican dancehall star playing the role of the heroine.
“Macka Diamond is great in her role. The audience will love her. She is not the only Jamaican involved in the movie, as several other Jamaicans were involved in various production aspects,” Howell said.

Macka Diamond aside, the cast of
Redemption of Paradise includes ‘Respect’ as Rogger, ‘Mark’ as himself, Kevroy Graham as Andrew, Eldon Martin as Wicket and Junior Hart as Officer. The crew comprises assistant director Jason ‘Jay Will’ Williams; producers Courtney Boyd and Cliff Williams; production manager Bert Kirchner and location manager Dr. Alvin Edwards.

A grand Jamaican premiere, hosted by Colour Bars Productions, is set for August 19 starting at 6:00 pm at Weekenz on Constant Spring Road in St Andrew. There are also plans afoot to release
Redemption of Paradise on the local, regional and international markets.

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