Saturday, 1 August 2009

MELLO GO ROUN’: Ring Ding Concert ‘09

ISLAND STYLE: The D'Oro Dance Ensemble in performance

Eye-popping talent, creativity, variety and colour blended seamlessly last Thursday night inside the National Arena at Mello Go Roun’ 2009, the annual showcase of the most outstanding entries in the JCDC National Festival of the Arts. Before a packed audience that included African-American music legend Tito Jackson, Prime Minister Bruce Golding, Culture minister Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange and a host of other dignitaries, the young performers served up cultural delights ranging from traditional folk to dub poetry to praise dance to modern music.

Among the many standout pieces (all gold medal winners) in music were Glenmuir High’s folk/mento piece “Man/Woman Story”; Excelsior High’s movie song “In The Jungle”; Charlemont High’s popular entry “Feel Good” and soloist Kimiela Isaacs’ stellar rendition of the folk gem “Evening Time”. The speech category also had its share of highlights, including Zeyam Kids’ “Barrel Pickney”; Norwich Primary’s “More Than Conqueror”; Clan Carthy High’s “Jamaica Pon Top A Tings” and Petrina Williams’ “White Witch Name Enny”, which copped the Louise Bennett Award for Most Outstanding Jamaican Dialect Presentation for the Glenmuir High student.

BAD BOYS: Members of Frome Technical's award-winning dance troupe

The dancers were not to be outdone. Among the crowd favourites were: William Knibb Memorial High’s lively and energetic praise dance “Tambourine”; The D’Oro Dance Ensemble’s “Fi Wi Jamaican Style”; Nickeeta Johnson’s (Tivoli Dance Troupe) “Redeemed”; Eltham High’s dancehall-influenced “Sort Out”; Hague Primary’s “Revival Connection”: Belmont Park Primary’s “Folk Flora Fiesta”; CCC For The Deaf’s “Chakka Chy Chy Vibrations” and From Technical's "Is It Me Or Are We In A Dancing Mood". Mello Go Roun: “Ring Ding”, which boasted nearly 40 performances, was sponsored by the CHASE Fund, Excelsior, Tru-Juice, TV J and Digicel, among many others.

BRIGHT FACES: Students from Belmont Park Primary perform at Mello Go Roun'

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  1. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and hardly found any specific details on other sites, but then great to be here, seriously, thanks...

    - Andre

  2. This is not Belmont Park Primary.It's Norwich Primary performin a dance piece choreographed by Samantha Hardy entitled Food.