Sunday, 6 September 2009

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Catching up with Della Manley

INDIE SPIRIT: Della Manley speaks on purpose and passion

It’s been four years since the release of her critically acclaimed sophomore album Barbican Square (dellaM Productions), and fans have been left wondering: Where is Della Manley? While her sincere and alluring singles like “I Know” and “Hey Peter Pan” (from Barbican Square) and “Bittersweet” and “City Lights” (from her hypnotic debut Ashes on the Windowsill) linger like breaths of fresh air, we’ve always longed for more. Thankfully, the soulful singer-songwriter and acoustic musician has not turned her back on her followers, as she is hard at work crafting another potent Sunday evening soundtrack. TALLAWAH chats with a true artiste

TALLAWAH: Your albums Ashes on the Windowsill and Barbican Square are still favourites of many local soul-folk lovers. When will we get another Della record?

Della Manley: I am actually working on it. I am about halfway through. It’s a different feel this time, but no title or release date has been set yet.

TALLAWAH: Tell us what you mean by “different feel.”

DM: It’s more reggae. There will also be a few covers along with the original stuff.

TALLAWAH: How do you make the magic happen to your music?

DM: Every song is different, and each time in the studio the vibe is different. I write based on the feeling; there is no formula for me.

TALLAWAH: How have you been spending the time away from the limelight?

DM: I’ve been working. I’ve been doing a lot of [gigs] on the north coast, performing at some of the hotels and resorts.

TALLAWAH: How have family and your experiences helped to shape your sound and your message over the years?

DM: Well, my kids are grown up, almost adults now, so that in itself is inspiring. What you live is what you exude, what you breathe.

TALLAWAH: Do you think being an indie artiste is ultimately more rewarding than being signed to a major label?

DM: (Laughs) Well, I’ve never been signed [to a major label], so I have no way of knowing. But I love the creativity I enjoy as an independent artiste.

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