Friday, 25 September 2009

NEWS BRIEF: Chris Blackwell recognized by Vanity Fair

MAJOR PLAYER: Mogul Chris Blackwell makes prestigious Vanity Fair list

Mogul and philanthropist Chris Blackwell has been inducted into Vanity Fair's prestigious New Establishment 2009 Hall of Fame, which salutes the work of some of the world's outstanding innovators and trailblazers in their respective fields.

Blackwell, a renowned hotelier and founder of Island Records, is in good company. Among the other luminaries selected by the celebrated culture and lifestyle magazine are Giorgio Armani, Jimmy Buffett, Oscar de la Renta, David Geffen, Mick Jagger, George Lucas, Nathanial Jacob Rothschild, Bill Gates, Kirk Kerkorian, Richard Meier, Ted Turner, Barbara Walters and George Soros.

According to Vanity Fair, "The Island Records founder is re-deploying his music millions to build a luxury-hotel empire, much of it based around Goldeneye (Ian Fleming’s old place) in his homeland of Jamaica."

Speaking with the Jamaica Observer about the honour, Blackwell said, "I don't know how it came about is the short of it. I was shocked to be included with the other people who I have huge respect for. I suppose I work in the music business and quite a few people who are part of the Vanity Fair-type group, not necessarily the people working there, have come down to Goldeneye and really, really loved it."

This year’s inductees to the Vanity Fair New Establishment Hall of Fame are "14 players who have left an indelible mark on the world of business."


  1. The project at Goldeneye is a secret gem; the best real estate purchase in the Caribbean. In this real estate market, only the truly exceptional places/values warrant a discussion. There are only five Cottages left in the Beach Village -exclusive, private, gorgeous -full of history,culture, etc.This is where Fleming held his parties with Noel Coward et al, where Sting wrote "EveryBreath...", fave place of Naomi, Kate, Scarlette, the Clintons, etc. etc. No place like it on the planet!!