Friday, 25 September 2009

OSCAR BUZZ: Clive Owen in The Boys Are Back

The Boys Are Back
(Miramax Films)
Cast: Clive Owen, Nicholas McAnulty, George McKay and Laura Fraser
Director: Scott Hicks

THE SCOOP: Owen gives an Oscar-worthy performance as a father who must cope with profound loss and put his family back together in this moving film adaptation of Simon Carr's 2001 memoir. Says film critic Claudia Puig of USA Today, "Clive Owen gives a stand-out, heartfelt performance as Joe, a bereft husband and overwhelmed father. Owen conveys deep reserves of emotion as well as an inner strength as a sportswriter struggling to be a good father."
Dave Karger of Entertainment Weekly weighs in, noting that "[Owen has] been recognized in the supporting category before (for Closer) and shows a different side of himself as a laissez-faire father. But will he be overshadowed by showier competition?"

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