Tuesday, 20 October 2009

BOOK NEWS: Michael Holgate's Indigo wins book award

BOOK BUZZ: Holgate nabs award for children's book Night of the Indigo

Actor and performer Michael Holgate is finding success as an author. His 2009 release Night of the Indigo has won a Moonbeam Children's Book award. This is the first book award for Holgate, who is widely known as an Actor Boy-winning actor and for his creative leadership of the Ashe Performing Arts Ensemble.

Night of the Indigo, which is currently available in stores, at online outlets and via Macmillan Caribbean publishers and its distributors, has been a hit with several critics, including author Gerald Hausman, who notes, “[This] is an excellent book for learning about self-realization -- that it's entirely possible to gain power while giving up willpower… Anyone who wants to know more about overcoming personal obstacles will love Michael Holgate's Night of the Indigo.”

Dorsette Blackwood of the Reggae News Agency agrees, arguing that Holgate has unearthed “a literary gem” with Night of the Indigo. “[The book] is as much sci-fi as it is emotional… Nice first outing for Holgate and a must read for anyone who enjoys a break from the ordinary.”

Holgate’s novel follows 15 year-old Marassa, a Jamaican boy who becomes a mystic warrior and carrier of the light. While the book maps his journey into adulthood, it also shows how Marassa vanquishes fear of self to become a selfless practitioner of inner vision.

For more info on the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards visit Moonbeamawards.com

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