Wednesday, 7 October 2009

SPOTTED: Here, There & Everywhere

KICKIN' IT OLD SCHOOL: Shaggy (centre), Usain Bolt and others get schooled by dancehall legend U-Roy (right) on the set of Shaggy's new music video recently.

STAND BY ME: Songbird Alaine warms up to crooner D Major behind the scenes at the shoot for Shaggy's new music video last week.

BOYS' NIGHT OUT: Tony Bassatt (left) holds the attention of Mark McConnell (centre) and Peter McConnell at the recent launch of Restaurant Week at Devon House in St Andrew.

'LADY' OF THE MOMENT: Dancehall queenpin Marion 'Lady Saw' Hall takes the spotlight in the company of Cat Coore, Donahue Jarrett, Walter Elmore and David Shield at the launch of Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival 2010 at the Strata Club in New York on Tuesday.

SILVER GEMS: Kent LaCroix chats with Janet Taylor (right) and Marjorie Borough at the launch of Restaurant Week last Thursday at Devon House.

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