Monday, 7 December 2009

ACTOR BOY WATCH: Love Letters, Dream Merchant and Dreamgirls

Ronald Goshop (left) and Tesfa Edwards gave good accounts in Dream Merchant

In this second installment of Actor Boy Watch, I take look at three productions of the year and their chances in the upcoming Actor Boy race.


Director Carol Lawes did a commendable job at the helm of Dream Merchant, doing enough to elicit convincing performances, particularly from Audrey Reid as a no-nonsense wife who clashes with the other woman over her husband. Dorothy Cunningham, Tesfa Edwards and Ronald Goshop get great opportunities to shine. Dream Merchant was an entertaining and emotionally-charged production, bolstered by a strong script, believable performances and a running time that was just right.

Best Shots:

Best Actor – Tesfa Edwards

Best Actress – Audrey Reid

Best Supporting Actress – Dorothy Cunningham


Best Actor – Ronald Goshop

Best New Jamaican Play – Adrian Nelson

Best Director - Carol Lawes


The JMTC offered an adaption of the Broadway gem Dreamgirls earlier this year

The Jamaica Musical Theatre Company’s production of Dreamgirls (boasting great-looking costumes and lovely lighting) didn’t score a home run, but the effort was admirable, considering the mammoth limitations the cast and crew must have faced in getting a show of that magnitude and iconic status off the ground. While the JMTC adaptation delivered none of that razzle-dazzle kick or electricity hardcore lovers of musical theatre crave, it delivered occasional tuneful delights, regular doses of humour and commendable performances, notably from Maurice Bryan, Allison Roberts and Cleveland Cathnott.

Best Shots:

Best Actor – Maurice Bryan

Best Supporting Actor – Cleveland Cathnott

Best Musical


Best Production

Best Director – Fabian Thomas

Best Choreography

Best Supporting Actress – Allison Roberts

Long Shots:

Best Actress – Aisha Davis

Best Supporting Actress – Cameal Davis


The University Players' production of Love Letters was bolstered by very strong acting and directing

Witty and delightful, Love Letters offered a heart-warming meditation on memory, time, love, life and friendship, a sophisticated guilty pleasure but a worthwhile one with echoes of old Hollywood. It afforded the audience the opportunity to eavesdrop on the private conversations of two lovers as they map their journey from wide-eyed teenage paramours to adults leading complicated lives. Hilary Nicholson, Nadean Rawlins, Alwyn Scott and Paul Issa brought to their roles all the qualities that have endeared viewers to them over the years, in the fine directorial hands of Brian Heap. Love Letters succeeded not only on the strength of Gurney’s script, but on the competence and commitment of hardworking actors and their fearless director.

Best Shots:

Best Director – Brian Heap

Best Actress – Hilary Nicholson

Best Actress – Nadean Rawlins

Best Actor – Alwyn Scott


Best Actor – Paul Issa

Best Drama

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OPENING SOON: The Love List, Easy Street, Serious Business and the 2009 LTM Pantomime Pirate Jack.


  1. Any hope of productions outside of Kingston being "TALLAWAH"? There is a busy little 175 seater in the city of Montego Bay called Fairfield Theatre. It did all of NINE (9) productions in 2009

  2. I hardly get to see productions at Fairfield. Hopefully that will change in the new year.

  3. Yes man please guh tek een di west!!!