Monday, 21 December 2009

CULTURE NEWS: VPAJ launches 2009 showcase

TALENT & ENERGY: Performers in a scene from The Harder They Come

Score one for the performing arts. Last Monday, December 14, Visual and Performing Arts Jamaica (VPAJ) launched its 2009 showcase at the Jamaica Trade and Invest, making for an exciting new addition to the Jamaican artistic landscape. At Monday’s launch, attended by members of the diplomatic corps, lovers and followers of the arts and several performers, VPAJ facilitator Trevor Fearon said the launch was partly an effort to bring together creative people from across the island.

“How creative artists derive benefit from their craft and how their work shapes public opinion and policy is very important,” Fearon told the gathering. “The reasons for working together are stronger than working apart, for us to better tell the stories of Jamaica.”

Visual and Performing Arts Jamaica (VPAJ) is a local body that embraces the work of a diverse range of artists and performers. Established in 2008, through the European Union/Government of Jamaica Private Sector Development Programme, the VPAJ now has some 300 members who come together to collaborate on joint projects to benefit from networking and mutual support.

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