Monday, 1 February 2010

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Catching up with Natel

ONE TO WATCH: Reggae-R&B singer Natel looks to the big times

From a popular television talent competition to the recording studio to the charts, Natel’s star continues to rise. And the 22-year-old singer (born Nathaniel Hewitt), who originally hails from Manchester, would have it no other way. These days, his sweetly romantic duet with Cherine Anderson, “You Turn Me On,” is captivating listeners who are simply in awe of his Chris Brown-like tenor and genuine artistic appeal. Discussing his dedication to his craft, quest for musical success, career expectations and his dating life, he tells TALLAWAH this is just the beginning.

TALLAWAH: You’ve officially popped up on everybody’s musical radar after toiling as a young artiste for years. How does this new success and recognition feel?

Natel: It’s a good feeling because I’ve been doing music for about 7 or 8 years now, and right now things are running smooth and people are talking about my music. So it feels good.

TALLAWAH: Your buzzworthy new single “You Turn Me On” featuring Cherine Anderson is a hot one.

Natel: Yeah, the song has a cool concept. We wanted it to be young, sexy and fresh. Working with Cherine was like a dream come true. I expected to be nervous but she was cool. It was really cool that she wanted to do the song.

TALLAWAH: Looking back on your 2006 stint on Rising Stars, how do you feel about the progress you’ve made since then?

Natel: It’s all good, but I’ve been trying to move away from being recognized just for being on Rising Stars. I want to change that now and take my career to another level.

TALLAWAH: So what are some of your expectations?

Natel: My next step is to use this new song to pave the way or bigger things. I want to find a solo single that will earn respect and let people see that I can stand on my own. Probably one day I will cross over and pave the way internationally for other artistes. That’s the goal. Just one step by step.

TALLAWAH: Is there a special someone you are singing those sweet love songs to?

Natel: Right now I’m dating, but when the time comes for recording, I am fully focussed on that. I have to focus. Even the password on my phone is ‘focus’ (Laughs).

TALLAWAH: What qualities must your ideal girl possess?

Natel: She must be trustworthy and understand that when I’m working I will need time and space to focus. My father always says that music and women are jealous of each other. She must also be beautiful, not just on the outside but also on the inside. I also like a girl that has ambition.

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