Monday, 3 May 2010

DANCE, COCONUT, DANCE: L’ACADCO serves up a tropical reverie

By the time legendary dancer-choreographer Pasty Ricketts appeared (for ”Ravine”), wearing watery blue and gracefully descending from the audience to enter the stage (escorted by a senior male dancer), the overwhelming aim and meaning of L’ACADCO’s 26th anniversary season had become crystal clear. At its best, the show was a thought-provoking meditation on our past, present and hopeful future.

Melding portions of our rich Caribbean history with elements of contemporary culture, the dance presentation (recently staged at the Philip Sherlock Centre, UWI Mona, under the artistic direction of L’Antoinette Stines) was a frequently enchanting tropical reverie, heavily marked by superb choreography, uniformed movements and vibrant, youthful energy.

Dubbed Ships’ Log: Dance, Coconut, Dance, the show (split in six sections) smoothly transported the audience through slavery and emancipation to the present-day experience. Energetic, soulful, mournful, the show was chock-full of standout pieces, including the urgent and pleading “Souled,” performed in tribute to the late genius Rex Nettleford and the stellar “Hounfour of the Drum.”

From race and identity (“Chat Bout”), crime and despair (“No Justice, No Peace”), sex and sensuality (“Clashes of Desires”), sorrow (“To Haiti”) to uncontainable optimism (“Hope”), the range of moods and themes were as varied as they were remarkably explored, drenched in radiant colours, word, power and sound. Tyrone’s Verdict: B+

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