Thursday, 20 May 2010

THE HOTNESS: ESSENCE thinks Bolt is it...

THIS IS WHY I'M HOT: Bolt gets love from Essence

Well, looka here. Apparently, the women of Essence Magazine and have been salivating over our homegrown son Usain Bolt for quite a loooooong time. The highly respected African-American publication recently anointed Bolt one of the World’s “Hottest Black Male Celeb Hotties Under 30”.

And the ladies want us to know how they really feel about the ace sprinter. Here’s the provocative blurb for Bolt, who came in it at 9th on the list:

“There’s just something about being the Fastest Man on Earth that makes women want to get with you. Throw in that 25-year-old Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is tall, dark and handsome, and can talk dirty to you in patois and he’s got us all pon de floor.”

Ladies, he’s actually 23, but we understand why you might want to add two extra years to his age – to ease the guilt, perhaps.

Congrats are in order for Bolt. Again. All that’s left for him to do now is enter the Mr. Universe pageant. And win.

To see who else made the 'eye candy' list, head over to

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