Sunday, 9 May 2010

PHOTO FAB: Konshens + Calabash folks + Frances Coke + Damian Marley + PM Bruce Golding

Dancehall hotshot Konshens was among the stellar line-up of local and foreign entertainers who lent their time and talent for Life Fest 2010, held recently at Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre. Konshens has morphed into quite the skilful lyricist and live performer. Definitely one of the rising icons to watch.

At the launch of the 10th anniversary staging of the Calabash Literary Festival, tourism pros Carole Guntley-Brady and Jason K. Hall (centre) shared lens time with business tycoon William Mahfood. Fun times, obviously.

Poetess Frances-Marie Coke read delightful selections from her debut anthology, The Balm of Dusk Lilies, and from her latest work, Introspections, during a Sunday morning reading at the Philip Sherlock Centre, UWI Mona (alongside Nigerian writer Niyi Osundare).

What are you looking at, Mr. Marley? Look this way. Grammy winner Junior Gong is spotted in the press room at Life Fest 2010 minutes before he ripped the stage with brother, Stephen. And now we wait for the release of his hotly anticipated collab album, Distant Relatives, with Nas (which drops next week). I’ve heard some tracks already, and mi likey. “Strong Will Continue” is my new anthem.

PM Bruce Golding was in the giving mood recently. While on a trip to his West Kingston constituency, he stopped by the Denham Town High School, where he supplied head boy, Matthew Danvers, with an IBM laptop to help in his preparations to tackle 10 subjects in the upcoming CXC exams. Looking on is school headmistress, Audrey Williams. Before the speculations begin, apparently young Danvers wrote to Golding asking for assistance and the PM graciously obliged. All of a sudden I’m in a writing mood…

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