Sunday, 18 July 2010

Album Spotlight: BUSY SIGNAL doesn't quite get the party started on new summer release

Busy Signal’s sound hasn’t changed much in the few years since his last outing, Loaded, but his latest album, D.O.B, does feel a little less exultant. While the deejay doesn’t stray far from topics of his previous work, including the dancefloor proclivities of the enthusiastic female (tepid album opener “How Yuh Bad Suh,” “Gal Dem Song”), rude boy posturing (“Nuh Boy Caan Buy Wi Out”) and the meditative benefits of the marijuana (the old school-flavoured “Hi Grade”), nothing here will dramatically alter the arc of Busy’s career.

The 15-track album does yield a few bright spots, as Busy is found at his most interesting crooning in his startlingly lush baritone on “One More Night” and “Sweet Love (Night Shift),” two thoughtful, tuneful selections that have done well on Jamaican and foreign radio charts and music video rosters. So what does it say for a seasoned deejay when the overwhelming highlights of his latest release are gently flowing tracks on which he substitutes deejay rhymes for syrupy melodies? True, a dancehall artiste cannot live on gun-and-gal lyrics alone, but on D.O.B most tracks just don’t come within spitting distance of Busy Signal’s reputable talent. Tyrone’s Verdict: C+

Download This: “Sweet Love (Night Shift),” a melodious promise of a night of bliss

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