Saturday, 17 July 2010

FASHION BUZZ: USAIN BOLT wants you to wear his sportswear designs...

BUILT FOR SPEED: Fashion designer Usain Bolt at work; pieces from Bolt’s debut PUMA collection

Like the Energizer Bunny, the Usain Bolt marketing machinery just keeps going and going and going! Presenting ‘The Bolt Collection,’ the result of the speedster’s sportswear design collaboration with sports brand PUMA. ‘The Bolt Collection’ reportedly blends the label’s high-end approach to sportswear with Bolt’s signature style, incorporating such poppin’ colours as purple, black and gold, as well as a few of the athlete’s preferred silhouettes. According to reports, PUMA also ensured that their designers worked closely with the sprinter during product development, allowing him to frequently wear-test the products so that they met his standards: durable enough for hardcore workouts, but also stylish for casual wear. You all know Mr. Bolt is all about the style.

Included in the collection is a “PUMA hooded sweat jacket,” which comes equipped with a hidden compartment for your MP3 player and an eyelet for headphones. There’s the “PUMA LS Top,” which features a running-inspired back panel, articulated sleeves, and a stretchable material for free movement. The “speed shorts,” meanwhile, were designed specifically for runners and made with USP performance fabric to endure during strenuous workouts, and moisture management and friction-reducing briefs that offer comfort and support. And to enhance night-time visibility, the outer layers were constructed with a 3M reflective liner. And, of course, there’s the footwear. The “PUMA Bolt YoguRun” features a breathable lightweight mesh upper and added cushioning for flexibility.

No shade, but this collection might be a little too ‘extravagant’ for some; however, for those interested in supporting the Bolt marketing machinery, and get their workout on with a bit of Mr. Bolt’s signature flair, these pieces from the PUMA Bolt collection will be available soon through Macy’s, Paragon, Michael K., select PUMA stores, and at Happy shopping!

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