Thursday, 22 July 2010

HAPPY EARTHDAY, JUNIOR GONG! Damian Marley celebrates b'day in London with Nas, Amy Winehouse and her beachwear

EARTH STRONG: They grow up so fast. Grammy-winning reggae superstar Damian Marley celebrated his 32nd birthday in London yesterday. Congrats to the Juniour Gong, who is currently on a European tour with Distant Relatives collaborator, rapper Nas. Nas and his rumoured ex-flame, London resident Amy Winehouse in her best beachwear were among those who helped Marley blow out his 32 candles before partying way into the wee hours of the morning.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Marley hosted a private event at The Kayashi Club in London’s Covent Garden before continuing on to The Runaway Club in Holborn at 2:00 am. Amy, in true Winehouse style, didn’t stumble out of the club until 4:00 am, the Daily Mail reported. Paparazzi were everywhere; Nas reportedly had to escort Winehouse to her car. Remember that song “Me & Mr. Jones” off Amy’s smash Grammy-winning album Back To Black? Well, if the blogs are to be believed, the track’s about her 2006 fling with Nas. Crazy, right? Totally. I know. However, this post is not about Nas and Amy and their bizarre one-time romance. Happy 32nd to Damian, and many more to come! Check out these snaps from Marley, Nas and Amy’s celebratory night on the town.

Nas and Damian hit the London streets.

Will Amy Winehouse ever earn our attention on the merit of her music again?

Nas and Amy Winehouse on the move.

Oh, Amy…

The distant relatives...

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