Saturday, 10 July 2010

IN SUPPORT OF MISS PHILLIPPS: An end to the Yendiphobia, please!

Last Saturday, July 3, Yendi Phillipps became the third Jamaican (after Sandra Foster and Christine Straw) to win both the Miss Jamaica World and Miss Jamaica Universe titles – a praiseworthy triumph by any standard. But while many have been celebrating her win, her detractors have been making noise of their own too, ripping her to shreds. Whether in print or online, the venting has largely been vitriolic: “Lawd, she again!”, “I can’t stand her,” “Why she nuh go weh”. Such scathing attacks aren’t exactly new (She was placed under the bus when she hosted Digicel Rising Stars, remember? And some even speculated that she gave up the Rising Stars job last year because she couldn’t stand the heat.)

It really makes you wonder. But seeing that there is no law against competing in both pageants, what’s the real source of this grouse? Do some feel she is unworthy of this sort of accomplishment? It would appear, folks, that the rabble-rousers deem it unfair for her to enter – and win – both competitions. Personally, I think it all boils down to misplaced envy. Bad mind. Fear. Yendiphobia. Does she really have it all? The movie-star beauty, the widespread popularity she enjoys, the degrees, the superstar-athlete boyfriend, to name only a few. Why is the well-deserved success of others such a bother to some people? It can be very unnerving.

Ever since she stepped into the spotlight, nabbing the 2007 Miss Jamaica World title, Yendi Phillipps has seemingly held it together whenever in the public glare: poised, courteous, beautiful, the gracious ambassador. If you ask me, she is one young woman who knows all too well (and has sought to master) the requirements of the spotlight. And considering the realm of beauty pageants, it doesn’t hurt that she is well-versed in the demands of that capricious arena.

Jamaicans have won the Miss World crown 3 times. Never Miss Universe. And since no one else will acknowledge this, I’ll make it clear: we need someone with Phillipps’ practice and know-how to represent us at the next Miss Universe pageant. Say what you will, but she’s a natural fit for the job. There, I said it (and the judges last Saturday clearly concur). Now, don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of our local girls who match the beauty-with-a-purpose requirements, but Phillipps’ wide experience, I think, provides invaluable advantage. Let’s face it; we haven’t really been doing all that well at these pageants in recent years. Yendi is as safe a bet as they come – even if she doesn’t walk away with the top-top prize in Las Vegas come August 23.

While I am not one of her myriad cheerleaders on Facebook, I have always applauded Phillipps’ courage and enthusiasm for success even when subjected to the most stinging, hurtful criticisms. (Chasing your dreams in the face of slings and arrows can take its toll. Securing your legacy can be a laborious challenge). And when judged by future generations, I think it’s safe to say her willingness to swim against the current will stand the test of time and inspire countless others.

I’m not here to reminisce, but Phillipps’s past achievements (in pageants, television and elsewhere) speak volumes. And, thankfully, she consistently leans towards elegance and intelligence, pardonable flaws aside. Jamaica needs the best possible ambassador at this time, and she has eagerly answered the call. That’s what her triumph means, and that’s the most important thing.

I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU: What are your thoughts on the negative talk surrounding Yendi’s recent win at Miss Jamaica Universe? Is it warranted? To express your views on this article, and to read other comments, follow the link to TALLAWAH JAMAICA.

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  1. i think the people verbally attacking this girl too badmine. We have somebody intelligent and who know how to carry herself and seems to be a genuine kindred spirit why all the attacks? Anybody better aside from looks with the overall package and experience to put JA in the running? People need to stop bad mouthing the girl and spread malicious rumors about her because all those personal attacks not even necessary while many of the attackers have nothing better to do than party, breed, and sit over a computer screen or desk and write anonymous b.s. because their life dont even come up to par.