Sunday, 18 July 2010

Singer-songwriter ALAINE is finally in control and loving it

NO REGRETS: The Emancipation of Miss Alaine

With her bold new look, a record label and an upcoming tour, songbird Alaine is taking the leap from reggae-soul it girl to full-fledged queenpin. But don’t ask her about certain elements of her past; she refuses to dwell on bygones. Still gorgeous, charismatic and smart, she is utterly focused on the success that’s ahead, as she completely takes the lead in her own life. TALLAWAH witnesses her rebirth.

Your new single “You Are Me” is a timely meditation on the national and global status quo. How and when did it come to you to put those wonderful lyrics to paper?

The song came after my friend O’Neil [of Voicemail] died and I started to cry. There have been so many negatives around and it really got to me; hearing gunshots and being afraid. There were a lot of reasons why things in society were wrong. So the song just came pouring out of me.

The song is also the first single to be released from your newly formed record label, 1Thirty1 Records. How difficult was it finally getting your own record label off the ground?

It’s been a labour of love. Music is what I love, and as entertainers a lot of us are evolving and stepping out to bigger and better things.

Your spirituality seems to keep you clear-headed and focused.

It works incredibly well for me. God is the source of my strength, and I just focus on him.

You seem to have bounced back pretty well from the unfortunate folding of your relationship with longtime collaborator and close friend, producer Don Corleone. What led to the collapse of that relationship?

I have no comment on that.

What has been the biggest disappointment in your life?

I don’t know. Maybe when the banana chips stopped tasting good before they finally started making them good again. (Laughs). Nothing has been really disappointing in my life. I have found that disappointments happen for a reason because after that, everything starts to make sense again.

Indeed. You have a busy summer schedule ahead. Where will you be?

I will be touring for a month very soon. I have shows in Europe; I’ll be going to places like Germany and Austria. I’m very excited. I am really looking forward to this tour.

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