Tuesday, 27 July 2010

STAR SPOTLIGHT: Etana shows off her wedding ring + Damian Marley’s locks should get its own website

SINGLE LADY NO MORE: Andre Morris certainly put a ring on it. Etana was spotted flaunting her sparkly wedding ring both on the Sumfest stage and later in the press room, where she gave several interviews after her superb performance. (Of course, I'm sure she kept mum on her marriage and love life).

The ring is made of gorgeous, dazzling silver with a black gemstone (obsidian or onyx, perhaps) positioned prominently at the crest. Not bad. Not bad at all. But people are asking how much the ring cost. Meanwhile, Andre certainly enjoyed his wifey’s performance at Sumfest as he was seen – at the side of the stage – getting his groove on, especially when Etana dropped this little gem: “Andre ah gimme love, love, love…”

What can I say? Real love is hard to find.

I AM NOT MY HAIR: Does reggae star Damian Marley have the world’s longest locks? If not, then he is definitely in the running for a spot in the Guinness Book. That’s a lot of hair. Homeboy was spotted in London, where he recently observed his 32nd birthday, holding court with his ultra-long dreads.

How does he properly tend to that hair, especially for cleaning and overall caring? How uncomfortable does he get at times? How much does the hair weigh? What’s the actual length?

The long list goes on… Somebody please fill me in.

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