Tuesday, 13 July 2010

TALKING BACK: TALLAWAH readers react to ‘Yendiphobia’ story

PAGEANT PARADE: Miss Jamaica Universe 2010 Yendi Phillipps (centre) is flanked by 1st Runner-up Shantel Davis (left) and 2nd Runner-up Sharee-Dee Barker

I always love to hear from you, my dear readers, and you really let me know how you felt about last week’s most popular post, “In Support of Miss Phillipps: And end to the Yendiphobia, please!” Here’s a sample of your thoughts:

Great commentary. Is a real simple ting. Yendi is maximising on her talents while exercising her right to achieve all she can in life. I don't hear anybody saying that one race is enough for Usain or Asafa. Is it just that she's too comfortable in her skin? Is because she brown, don't it?

- Michael Holgate

It was a competition and the best representative for Jamaica was chosen. If there was a better candidate in the competition, I am sure that person would have won. So, congrats to Ms. Phillipps!

- Anonymous

Go, Yendi. Claim everything you can yah my girl. You’re only young once; grab it and hug it all up and mek sure u capture all de moments in still and video fe when dem feget bout u, and you have it fi show to u kids and theirs. Proud a u chile!!!

- Nzingha

I love Yendi. She is the best representative we have right now, and I support her 100% Rory say that.

- Rory Black

Loved your story on Yendiphobia.
Please see my comments in my last blog, and feel free to quote from them.

- Barbara Blake-Hannah (barbarablakehannah.blogspot.com)

There is some incorrect information with regards to your article. First, Jamaica has won Miss World 3 times not 4. Plus Jamaica ranks #3 with the most wins in the Miss World pageant. With regards to Miss Universe, the girls have performed quite well, but have just fallen short of getting the title. With regards to Yendi Phillips, I think the problem is she seems more rehearsed and trained instead of being effortless in her delivery. There were also other women in the pageant who are equally beautiful and talented; however they were overlooked for the title. Obviously people will be upset with that fact. Will she win Miss Universe? Probably not. Do a search with regards to the women who have previously won up on till this point. There is certainly something special about them that makes them stand out, and Yendi, you'd walk pass her on the road and not say, “Damn, she's fine.” Now, when she speaks, it's not like she is saying anything relevant either. I will give it to her, she is extremely photogenic. Regardless, I will wish her all the best, and at the end of the day, I hope Yendi challenges herself to perform excellent at the show, perhaps win, represent her country with pride and, of course, prove her haters wrong. Yendi work them books now and the news. Research Trump's empire and what he stands for. Because at the end of the day, it pretty much comes down to who [Donald] Trump wants to win, not those judges.

- Shamar

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