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Tallawah Exclusive! AISHA DAVIS tells her side of the story that has everyone talking

Bruised but not broken: Singer Aisha Davis finally speaks about her ordeal

Reggae sweetheart Aisha Davis has always held it down as one of the classiest girls in the game. Poised, open, attractive and gifted, the multi-talented singer, actress and dancer has always been in everyone’s good books. And Davis, also a single mother, never batted an eyelash at the pesky rumours about her personal life until the news reports and subsequent whispers about a confrontation with a flatmate that turned disastrous recently took on a life of its own. Now, with several performances, a new album – and an assault trial – on the way, Davis takes time to clear her good name.

What are your thoughts on the accusations that have been levelled against you?

It’s a real ridiculous case. For me, it’s not something worth going to trial for. More than half the things she has said are lies.

The reports in the papers say you attacked her? Is that true?

That’s not true! I must be on drugs to want to attack somebody. We were flatmates, and there had been a lot of tension between us. We even had an argument the night before the incident.

Speak a little more about the nature of your relationship with the young woman leading up to the fight.

We had been living together for over two years, and it was very frustrating. She will use my containers in the fridge and do no re-fill them. And she is such a liar. She really lies about the simplest things. She doesn’t behave like a grown woman. She has a man, and he will come there and use things without even asking, and he doesn’t re-fill the containers either.

I assume you spoke to her about this.

I have to talk to her about almost everything, but how I feel is that you’re a grown woman; I shouldn’t have to be talking to you about things like that. She says I speak to her in a condescending way, and maybe I do, but you’re a grown woman! I shouldn’t have to be talking to you about certain things like you’re a child.

So what happened on the night in question?

On the night in question what I did was separate my things in the kitchen. She comes home and notices. I told her that I no longer wanted her to use my things. She takes up my containers and I grab them from her. She chucks me and I land on the cupboard and bruise my hip. So I box her and punch her in the face, and that’s when her boyfriend comes in and grab a knife after me.

Then what happened?

Some of my neighbours came in and saw him with the knife and holding me, and got him to release me.

Who called the police?

I was the one who called the police to make a report. I didn’t even sleep there that night.

Since the story broke, how have family and friends reacted?

People have been supportive, and telling me to keep the faith. It’s been positive. She’s trying to smear my reputation by carrying me to court, but people have been there for me. I just plan to keep on going.

Was your four-year-old son at home at the time? Did he witness what went down?

He wasn’t there. He doesn’t know anything. I have to keep certain things from him.

So the flatmate moved out after the incident.

She has moved ‘cause I told her from the night before that she has to move. There were so many things I put up with during the two years that she lived there.

Let’s switch gears to more pleasant stuff. What have you been up to career-wise?

I have been performing a lot. Recently, I was on stage at the Village Caf√© for their Village Live series. I have also been working with Code Red on my album. So I have been doing a lot of work. The work is being done. I’m still on my journey.

This Saturday, fans can catch you in performance at the Miss Jamaica Festival Queen coronation show at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre. Have you ever been a pageant contestant?

Actually, yeah. I am a former Miss EXED contestant (Laughs). Althea Laing used to put on these pageants, and in about ’95 or ’96, I was first runner-up. I also did a modelling stint with her when she had an agency here.

You’re also known in local theatres as a talented actress. Are you looking forward to a return to the stage?

Thank you. Sure, if any scripts come up. After the Actor Boy Awards, I was in dialogue with Douglas Prout because he wanted me for a production in Montego Bay. It didn’t work out at the time, but he’ll keep me posted.

What do you want to say to your fans and well-wishers?

I’m still doing my thing. I give thanks to God everyday for life. I am a very giving person, and sometimes people take advantage of that. [The incident] is just one of the unfortunate obstacles on my journey. But I’m enlightened. I am protected. I have nothing to hide. I just would have preferred that all this did not happen.

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1 comment:

  1. Dear Tallawah


    ‘Oh my she plays the victim so well’

    Let me introduce myself, I am the woman she attacked. A good friend sent me this link yesterday afternoon and I had to respond. The statements she has made to you and your readers deserve a bellyful of laughs. She has called the incident and trial ridiculous but it is very serious to me. She needs to to be held accountable for her boisterous and callus behaviour. I also have realized that she has amnesia because she has left out a lot of major things. Then again she has to if she wants to remain as the darling in both yours and the publics eyes. I am very allergic to liars, badmindedness and pettiness all of these fit her character. Since being flatmates she has taught me the true meaning of the quotes ‘If yuh feed mawga dawg him will turn ‘roun’ an bite yuh’ and ‘Si mi an come live wid mi are two different things’

    I see she forget to tell you that she boasted about hitting me, I quote ‘A dis mi use fi lick dung di gwaal’ this she repeated several times in front of the two officers who came on the scene and while at the police station where her step mother met up with her. If my accusations were all lies then why was she arrested?

    To address the containers she referred to they did not belong to her. In fact when I moved I left her in an empty house, well I left the plastic Chinese take out containers she was fighting over. As for my boyfriend you may have to revisit the movie Single white Female. She constantly spoke about being a grown woman, she needs to practice what she preaches and think less about being a ‘tegareg’ (hope that’s the right spelling), she is suppose to be a mother. The constant tension in the house was caused by her due to her lacking of reasoning ability.

    Tallawah, the public has no clue of what this girl is capable of only her ex friends do. Where you see halos and beauty we see horns and ugliness. My advice to those who are associating themselves with her had better pray that she does not go psycho on them for she loves puppets, I for one is not a puppet. I did not allow her to control me which I suppose drove her hatred towards myself, my boyfriend and her ex friends. With this I say thank you for your time in reading my two sense.