Tuesday, 27 July 2010

THEATRE SPOTLIGHT: Jamaica Youth Theatre generates buzz in England with new production

YOUTH ARISE: The Jamaica Youth Theatre (JYT) is getting high praises for their recent showing of Graffiti: From the Wall to the Stage in Manchester, England, where they are participating in the World Youth Theatre Festival. Here’s how critic Poppy Helm describes the performance at the Contact Theatre:

Jamaica Youth Theatre’s Graffiti was an extremely polished performance. The company leapt onto stage brandishing cans of spray paint and kept the pace high throughout this exploration of self-expression. Nothing is wasted in this piece, the performers often using their own bodies in place of set or props (at one point collectively creating a train, a car and then a bus). However, at one point a simple red sash was used to dramatic effect, creating a stream of blood, a washing line and a rope binding corpses together. The dialogue (chanted, rapped and sung) is engaging in both its unusual delivery and clever wordplay although occasionally a touch repetitive. The company shine brightest during the dance sections, moving in unison and creating a real carnival atmosphere. By the time a reggae number rolls round towards the end of the piece, the auditorium feels like one huge party. This is no flimsy feel-good performance though; there are powerful messages about unity and acceptance delivered with maturity by these talented young people.

Congrats to the JYT! Here are some highlights from the stage:

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