Monday, 9 August 2010

Ambitious theatre newcomer ABIGAIL GRANT is charting her own course

THREE'S COMPANY: Abigail Grant (centre) holds her own with co-stars Keith 'Shebada' Ramsey and Orville Hall in Ghett-Out.

Every actress has a story to tell, but one of the most appealing things about Abigail Grant’s tale is how she is using her drive and discipline to navigate a path to the top. Now appearing in Stages Productions’ wild comedy Ghett-Out, the rising star dishes on honing her talent, enjoying Shebada’s company and plans for her future.

On having a career high:

“It’s going great, and I feel it’s only going to go to the next level. I am really excited. I have open arms for my dreams and really big expectations.”

She has a background in the arts:

“I attended Merle Grove, where I was involved in drama and dancing. I was also a member of Ashe for a year. And then in about 2006, I auditioned for Stages [Productions].”

On bonding with Ghett-Out co-stars Maylynne Walton and Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsey:

“The chemistry is lovely. Working with [Shebada] is great because you are entertained both on and off the stage. There’s never a dull moment.”

She’s having the best summer ever:

“The summer started out really great because in doing this play I have taken on a character that is totally different from what I am used to. I am in my 20s playing a woman in her 30s, and everyone is loving it so far. It is exciting to see where it leads because I know I will get better and better as I learn more and more about my character.”

On future plans:

“I definitely hope to take my career to the next level. I am also a singer, so I hope to entwine both my passion for acting and singing. I did two songs for the soundtrack for the Bashment Granny movie, and I also recorded a song with Macka Diamond. So I am working really hard.”

On leisure time:

“I don’t have much time for other things, because I have to work. Even on holidays. But I do love to hang out with my friends and family and do some dancing when I get a chance.”

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