Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Award-winning stage and TV actress NADIA KHAN is learning as she goes

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE: "I love keeping busy; I am enjoying the ride," shares Khan.

One thing’s for sure: the beautiful and talented Nadia Khan is not one to keep her light concealed under a rock. With a new production (Against His Will) out this month, the stage siren and two-time Actor Boy winner reveals to TALLAWAH her passion for her life and her craft – and her true independent spirit.

How do you feel about being dubbed one of the finest Jamaican actresses of your generation?

I feel thrilled! I have been complimented and awarded for my portrayal of various characters over the years, but mi nuh reach nowhere. I am still learning and trying to master my craft, and thanks to God for blessing me with this talent.

In Against His Will, you portray a shameless seductress. Have you ever seduced a man in your life? Be honest.

I know you want the suss, Tyrone, but sorry to disappoint. No I have never seduced a man. This is what makes this piece so interesting for me: how do I play seductive? How do I portray sexy when I am literally a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. I love a challenge. Oooh, jaws are gonna drop (Laughs).

Beneath the surface, what do you think playwright David Heron is trying to say in Against His Will, and what do you hope audiences take away after seeing this production?

Against His Will definitely has more depth than the tagline [Can a woman rape a man?] suggests. It was first staged in 1998, and I think when David wrote the piece, he may have wanted to explore societal prejudice, imbalances in our perceptions, the gender bias that exists even in today's world. Why are some laws for men different from those for women? Is there really equality and justice? Audiences, I believe, will definitely leave the theatre captivated by the fine quality acting, and then may have further dialogue in the car park about the piece. I am hoping they reflect on the 'case' in particular and, yes, each would have their own opinion but seriously question the outcome and put it into a perspective of today's society.

You seem to be working a lot more these days. What accounts for this purple patch?

Yes, I see that too. Stroke of good luck, I guess. I love keeping busy. I am enjoying the ride right now. Enjoying the stage more and more. I wrapped up The Love List, Appropriate Behaviour, KOTE [Kingston on the Edge], and now into Against His Will. And, of course, The Blackburns, MC gigs here and there, along with my Interior Decor business. Yeah, I keep busy.

Random question: Would you ever consider plastic surgery?

No, too expensive! Seriously though, if it were required due to some mishap or life and death situation, then yes, but not for cosmetic reasons. I am enjoying growing up, and I have no qualms about getting old. I count my grey hairs all the time!

What have you learned about yourself recently that you hope stays with you for the rest of your days?

That I am not the master of the universe (Laughs). And even though my name says "Khan", I "Khan't” do it all, and its okay to put Nadia first.

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