Tuesday, 17 August 2010

CULTURE CHATTERBOX: SEYA PARBOOSINGH is dead + Auntie FAE and Brother RAGA at odds? + YENDI’s killer curves + Is the MUSGRAVE MEDAL losing prestige?

Body of work

Whatever Yendi Phillipps is eating, she needs to share because it’s doing that body hella good. Many readers were not too thrilled about a recent photo I posted of the beauty queen in Nevada. (Words like “anorexic” and “gaunt” were thrown around in several email responses). But I’m certain that after feasting their eyes on the stunning, recently-shot photo above, many will be ‘eating’ their words. Those curves don’t lie. Yendi, you need to spill your surefire dietary secrets once you return from Vegas!


Can’t we all just get along?

What is this TALLAWAH is hearing from reliable sources that Auntie Fae and Brother Raga (the self-proclaimed ‘King of Mix-Up’) are at loggerheads over at the Mona-based NewsTalk 93 FM? Word is Auntie Fae was recently appointed interim manager at the station, and tension is already mounting. Really? What’s the source of this grouse? Can’t we all just get along? I am keeping a very close watch on this one.


Medal merit

In the wake of the recent presentation of a Silver Musgrave Medal to emerging novelist Andrew ‘Kei’ Miller, questions are being asked about the fittingness of such a huge honour so early in the writer’s still-ascending career. Word of caution to the Institute of Jamaica: we have to be mindful not to do too much too soon, at the risk of sacrificing the appeal and prestige of an award as venerable as the Musgrave Medal. After all, such gestures are indelible entries in the Great Jamaican Cultural Guidebook.


Parboosingh passes

Speaking of cultural legacy, the National Gallery of Jamaica (NGJ) has joined the artistic community in mourning the death of visionary Jamaican fine artist Seya Parboosingh (1925-2010). On Tuesday, the gallery tweeted: “The NGJ deeply regrets the passing of artist Seya Parboosingh on Friday, August 13. A commemorative post will appear on our blog later today.” Condolences to the Parboosingh family. For more on the life and work of the legendary Seya Parboosingh, click HERE.

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  1. Yendi looks hot.

  2. Awarding Kei Miller the Silver Musgrave acknowledges the extraordinary achievement of one so young. If he stopped writing now he would still leave a body of work which would be the envy of many a writer - an Award-winning collection of short stories, two major novels, three ground-breaking poetry anthologies, as well as articles and edited collections. Better to bestow it now rather than waiting until people are too old to care about the award, or too infirm to climb up on the podium to receive it!! Or worse - dead!