Thursday, 5 August 2010

MELLO GO ROUN' 2010: A celebration of 'Motion' in music, dance and speech

CULTURAL PARADE: The year's most outstanding performers in the annual JCDC Festival of the Arts served up a colourful potpourri of talent and razzle-dazzle at Mello Go Roun' 2010 on Wednesday evening inside the National Arena, a packed venue, which was once again gorgeously transformed into 'Culture Central' for the occasion. Under the theme 'Show Me Yuh Motion', the concert had no shortage of highlights, spanning terrific dance performances to gold-medal-winning treats in speech and song. No strangers to the spotlight themselves, actors Chris 'Johnny' Daley and Karen Harriott proved delightful hosts.

Here are some highlights:

The young men of Cornwall College were a hit with their tale of 'The Linguist'.

The Tivoli High Dance Troupe performed the spirit-lifting number "Acclaimed".

Precocious Queens' Prep student Jahzan McLaughlin channelled Miss Lou for "Noh Likke Twang".

Emcees Chris Daley and Karen Harriott also regularly got into character.

Inspired by Barack Obama, no less, Jericho Primary's Orville Douglas said "Yes, We Can".

For "Mattie's Mix Up", the Hampton Speech Choir blended singing and storytelling.

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