Sunday, 1 August 2010

UPDATES: Etana sets record straight on ring + Chris Brown loves a girl in “pum pum” shorts + People are STILL talking about 'The Chris Brown Cap'

YardFlex chimes in on ‘The Chris Brown Cap’ saga

Apparently, the gossip mill can’t get enough of me and the Chris Brown cap. YardFlex (on their Reggae Sumfest Suss page) recently put me on blast. Like Chatty Chatty Sharlene’s rant last week, here goes another hilarious bit:

“What a way blogger Tyrone Reid nuh stop pose up inna Chris Brown baseball cap dat the singer throw inna di crowd to him female fans dem. Tyrone mek sure say him wear the cap come a Sumfest Saturday night and doan ask if di woman dem nah look pon him and cut dem yeye. But him couldn’t care less, him just a walk up and dung fi di betta. And, if you don’t want to be embarrassed, don’t ask him to borrow it to take a picture, cause you aint getting it.”

LMAO. What can I say? They can’t get enough of Tyrone. *sings ‘You betta call Tyroooonnne’*

Etana reaches out to TALLAWAH

Etana wants us to get it right. Last week, after I published the exclusive pics of the singer's dazzling wedding ring, I open my inbox to find a note from none other than the affable “Strong One” herself. Gotta love her. Here’s Etana’s letter:

Hey Tyrone,

On your latest blog I noticed that you mentioned my ring. It is 18k white gold, diamond embedded and the sapphire means loyalty. I don't really like the attention on the whole marriage subject but as you can see I can’t do much about it. I am happy and that's all that truly matters.

- Strong One

Thanks for setting the record straight, Etana. Classy as always. By the way, the ring is fab! Andre has good taste; he’s a keeper. In the meantime, chic and casual pieces from Etana’s buzzworthy RawSoul fashion line are now available in local stores and boutiques. Go support a sistah.

VIDEO: In Case You Missed It – Chris Breezy’s “pum pum” moment at Reggae Sumfest 2010

So I finally uploaded my video of the surprising Usher, Chris Brown and Elephant Man three-the-hard-way moment last weekend at Reggae Sumfest. Peep the vid above; it has been doing good numbers on YouTube; popular black gossip site; and The clip’s most LOL moment arrives when Chris performs a bit from “Brown Skinned Girl”, and the crowd goes bananas. Check it.

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