Saturday, 9 October 2010

IT'S A CELEBRATION: Cast, crew and special guests celebrate 'Better Mus' Come' release at Devon House after-party

VIP ROOM: Justine Henzell basks in the company of artistic men: Better Mus' Come stars Roger Guenver Smith (left) and Chris McFarlane, and noted VIBE scribe Rob Kenner.

OH JOY: Film director Storm Saulter shares a special moment with his Better Mus' Come leading lady, model-turned-actress Nicole Grey.

TOUCH MY BODY: Sharon Manley lays special hands on the film's main star Sheldon Shepherd, who clearly approves.

WE DID IT: Sheldon Shepherd, Nicole Grey, Storm Saulter and Yuri Stewart share lens time at the film release celebration.

RISING STARS: The leads, who give highly commendable performances in the film, reunite at the film celebration.

EASY VIBES: Director Storm Saulter (centre) hangs with his actors Yuri Stewart (left) and Everaldo Creary.

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