Friday, 8 October 2010

ON THE SCENE: YENDI and friends step out for the LIME premiere of 'The Social Network' @ Sovereign's Palace Cineplex

The BUZZZ cover girl cuts a stunning, stylish figure in this too-cute and cazh all-black look for the red-carpet-style film premiere on Tuesday. Love it.

Asafa provides perfect arm candy, minus those bushy sideburns (thank God!) on the red carpet.

Hey, Nikki Z, I see you've found a great shoulder to lean on. Nikki is back on The Rock reportedly to drum up support for her upcoming 'World Caribbean Countdown' radio show at an in-the-works Portmore-based station.

Chatting it up with the homegirl Ce'Cile, who I see is rocking the Rihanna-esque redhead look these days. Looking good.

Style Observer editor Novia McDonald-Whyte (whom has anointed the Anna Wintour of the region) and former model Jackie Tyson (centre) also put in appearances at the film premiere.

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