Sunday, 21 November 2010

MAYLYNNE WALTON: Can the actress finally get some Actor Boy respect?

PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST: Maylynne Walton is still waiting in the wings.

She has appeared in some of the most acclaimed, award-winning stage works to hit the Jamaican theatre scene over the last decade, yet actress Maylynne Walton has not yet snagged an individual Actor Boy statuette for any of her luminous, captivating performances. Notice I said not yet, as it’s my firm belief that all that could finally change in the looming awards season, where Walton will be up – yet again – for consideration, this time for her thoroughly outstanding turn as Annie Palmer in the Fairfield Theatre’s musical adaption of White Witch, one of the finest productions of 2010.

Indeed, Walton, a dedicated brilliant actress with a fantastic body of work by any standard has been in the running over the years for roles in such productions as Uptown Bangarang, Making A Killing and After Mrs. Rochester, but she has returned home empty-handed each time. Good, but not quite good enough in the eyes of voters? Or is it simply a recurrent case of ‘Not my moment this time?’ In any case, that Walton has never snatched an Actor Boy win in her career means simply that she is still yet to arrive as a bonafide actress of note. Plain and simple. And it’s high time, the woman gets her due, and that knockout performance in White Witch seems the perfect platform to set things straight.

But not so fast. As in previous years, she will have to get past some incredibly rock-solid competition; after all, actresses like Denise Hunt (Second Chance), Dahlia Harris (Puppy Love), Nadean Rawlins (Appropriate Behaviour) and Nadia Khan (Against His Will) who are all gunning for another career nomination – and the coveted statuette – also gave some of their best work this year, and are no pushovers. Can Maylynne still eke out her first win? It remains to be seen. But you can be sure of one thing: it's not a race for the faint of heart.

WHITE RAGE: Maylynne Walton (with Philip Clarke) turns it out in White Witch.

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