Sunday, 16 January 2011

ANDRE MORRIS: The star of 'Judgement' exclusively dishes on his breakout new role and life with a pretty girl named ETANA!

THE BREAKTHROUGH: "I am working on setting standards. I want to leave a name for myself," shares Morris.

With careers in the theatrical arts, fashion and music management, Andre Morris is a fast-tracking Renaissance Man, being propelled by his inspiring mix of work ethic, ambition and raw talent. Oh, and ladies, did I neglect to mention that some chick named Etana has officially snatched him off the market? Now earning raves for his fierce turn in the runaway smash play Judgement, Morris (a 2010 Thespy nominee) opens up exclusively to TALLAWAH about nailing his role, being a working husband and leaving behind an indelible legacy.

Would you say you surprised yourself with that amazing performance in Judgement?
No, I wouldn’t say I surprised myself. It’s just that I had never got the room to do that kind of performance. I am really grateful that Dahlia [Harris] chose me. It was really a challenge at first to do both the charming and evil thing that the role calls for, but I decided to take it on, and I love every minute of it.

Speaking of challenges, the part also requires immense intensity. How do you pull it off consistently night after night?
It does take a toll on you because each night you have to stay in characterization. But I got great pointers from the different directors that we worked with early on, and that really helped. I also look back on the previous nights and try to build on that.

What’s the chemistry like with your more seasoned castmates Dahlia Harris and Deon Silvera?
That synergy is great. I was a little bit skeptical at first because there were only three of us in the cast. But from the first reading we got so excited and immediately took on the characters. And it has built up since then. The passion is there, and everything just flows.

Now that you’re a husband [to soulful songstress Etana] and a father in real life, what kind of sacrifices have you had to make?
Well, not really much sacrifice. My wife supports me, and I support her in everything. It’s just our time that we try to manage as best as possible, and compromise. Basically, we are good when it comes to handling our marriage.

Is marriage all that you thought it would be?
I am in a wonderful relationship, and marriage has turned out to be everything I expected it to be.

As for your professional life, what are you looking forward to next?
I am working on several other businesses, including my RawSoul clothing company, managing Etana and promoting Free Mind Music, of which I am a shareholder. I am working on setting standards. I want to leave a name for myself, and basically share all that I have learned with others.

DANGER & DESIRE: Morris has harsh words for Dahlia Harris in Judgement, at the Pantry Playhouse.

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