Sunday, 23 January 2011

CONVERSATION HIGHLIGHTS: MARIO EVON is enjoying the benefits of medicine and music

Reggae-soul singer and songwriter Mario Evon couldn’t give up music even if he tried. The one-time University Singers tenor, now a licensed medical doctor, seems resolute to not only establish himself as a solo vocalist of note but a recording artiste whose forthcoming as-yet-untitled debut CD is worth your dollars. With his luminescent vocals (Jimmy Cozier meets Musiq Soulchild), engaging stage presence and competent band, the singer captivated the sizable crowd that packed the grounds of the Red Bones Blues Cafe last Friday to hear him perform over two hours worth of brashly original tracks like “Love In Di Mawnin” and “You Used to Love Me” and inspired cover renditions of Bruno Mars to Kings of Leon to influential legends of the rocksteady era. TALLAWAH got a glimpse into the mind of this talented solo star.

I hear you’re working on your first album. How is the preparation going?

The long and short of it is that I have been writing a lot ,and I am basically trying to go into the studio to try and do it myself.
Locally and maybe overseas as well. With my musical flow tonight, we might just go into the studio and lay down some of what I have been working on.
To connect with your listeners, what will the album deliver?
It will be a mix of R&B with reggae and may be other things too. I do reggae-soul but essentially it’s a lot of reggae with dancehall. I love anything R&B and anything soul. The concept of CD is "M.E. on Love." So it’s basically Mario Evon talking about love.
Are you local-based?
I am local-based but I went to school in Boston so I go back and forth during the holidays, like summer and Christmas, and I am going back to New York to do some stuff probably in a few weeks.
You have pulled quite a turnout for your show here at RedBones tonight. How often do you get to give these performances?
Usually in the holidays, like summer and Christmas, but especially Christmas.
Are you really a doctor?
Yes, I am a medical doctor.
How is that working out for you?
Right now I am a musician, but I do both. In the summers I work at [the Bustamante] Children’s Hospital. And otherwise I do music.
Is your time as a member of the University Singers over?
Probably for now yeah, because I am trying to be an artiste, but I love UWI Singers.

FLYING SOLO: "I love anything R&B and anything soul," says Evon, describing his musical sound.

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