Thursday, 27 January 2011

ACTOR BOY WATCH: SCARLETT BEHARIE dishes early details on eagerly anticipated 2011 Actor Boy Awards

SWEET FACE: "Teisha Duncan and Maurice Bryan to host 2011 Actor Boy Awards," announces Beharie.

As the exhilarating awards season deepens, one of the hardest working women behind the scenes of the annually successful Actor Boy Awards, Scarlett Beharie, is hard at work with her team putting things in place for another stellar star-studded event this year. TALLAWAH got some deets on what we can expect, as well as her reflections on the past 12 months of Jamaican theatre.

When will this year’s Actor Boy nominations be announced?
A date has not been fixed as yet, but we are aiming for mid-February.

When is the awards show slated to take place?
Monday, March 28, 2011.

Are there any special plans for the 2011 event?
We have not yet decided on the details of the show, but it will involve a bit of song and dance as hosted by Teisha Duncan and Maurice Bryan, who both have deep roots in musical theatre.

Has this year's special honoree been selected?
Yes. The Schools’ Drama Festival, for their 60 years of steadfast contribution to the development of Jamaican theatre by providing an avenue for expression and training of young performers islandwide, and by extension unearthing numerous talents that have continued to entertain us while nurturing the field.

What are your thoughts on the overall offerings in Jamaican theatre in 2010?
2010 has been an impressive year that provided us with a range of theatrical experiences spanning a number of genres, including musical, drama, comedy and farce. Christine Bell returned to the stage after 8 years to do a one-woman play and Amba Chevannes’ little play that could from the KOTE show in aid of the Theatre Artist Benevolent Fund. Debra Erdthart found her way back home after fleeing it, according to her play Jamaica Farewell, which was the second one-woman show of 2010. We had a play with an all-male cast and three successful remounts and at least 15 original stagings. It was a year that saw semi-professional and youth groups rising to the fore with impressive pieces from the University Dramatic Arts Society and the Jamaica Youth Theatre. December saw six new plays premiering, as many plays as there are theatre spaces. 2010 was a strong indication that theatre continues to be a significant part of our entertainment landscape, but it also highlighted the challenges that producers face in bringing plays to the public due to the small number of performance and rehearsal spaces available. 2010 says that we have done very well, but with more support in terms of infrastructure, talent, training vision and collective industry we could still do much, much more.

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