Thursday, 13 January 2011

WORK IN PROGRESS: Usain Bolt pays visit to site for his soon-to-be-opened Tracks & Records sports club

MEN AT WORK: Bolt (right) with KLE Director Gary Matalon at the site for the upcoming Tracks & Records sports club.

Track superstar Usain Bolt knows all too well the importance of first impressions and that image matters. So with the opening of his prospective hotspot Tracks & Records in Kingston mere months away, the ace sprinter recently paid a visit to the construction site (along with his personal assistant) to check on the progress of the work underway. Tracks and Records, located at Marketplace, off Constant Spring Road, is expected to be open for business before the end of spring.

So is Bolt simply anxious about how the new club will be received? He wouldn’t be the first athlete-turned-businessman to feel jittery about the official rollout of one of his investments and partnerships.

According to past reports, Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records, in association with Kingston Live Entertainment (KLE), will boast the best of brand Jamaica in sports, music, art, culture, beverage, and food. “Using the most recognizable figure in sports today as a vehicle to create a global brand, Tracks & Records will bring to the world a product that is contemporary, sophisticated, exciting, high-energy, explosive and fun,” shares KLE’s Tina Matalon.


MATCHING WITS: 'Running' ideas with Kevin Sean Bourke (centre) and assistant Nugent Walker.

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