Sunday, 20 February 2011

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REACHING FOR THE ‘SKY’: Better Mus’ Come actress Nicole ‘Sky’ Grey is already earning raves for her performance in a new film. The lanky model-turned-screen gem recently made her Sundance Film Festival debut in Restless City, “a brilliant, hard slant on life as an African immigrant in New York,” directed by Andrew Dosunmu. Grey portrays Trini, a beautiful African woman who survives her hard-knock life by selling her body. Her stunning performance has prompted characteristically tough critics to shower her with her with kudos. The Hollywood Reporter was particularly impressed by the Jamaican beauty, describing her portrayal as “a perfect mix of moxie and vulnerability as the co-dependent prostitute” while calling the film “an intense twist on the American Dream” and “a stunning look at New York’s West African immigrant community.”

Major congrats to Nicole and the New Caribbean Cinema family…

SOMETHING TO ‘SMILE’ ABOUT: TV J’s widely viewed early-morning magazine show Smile Jamaica is set to get an injection of international flavour next month when, on March 4, they collaborate with NBC’s hit morning programme, The Today Show to produce “a small, unique presentation” that combines both shows. Today Show's Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, along with Smile Jamaica's Simon Crosskill, Neville Bell, Simone Clarke-Cooper and Carlette DeLeon will co-host the show which will be broadcast live on TVJ from a picturesque Jamaican location," the station said in a news release.

TV J also expressed profound happiness at landing such an exciting partnership. "This is the first such co-production in the history of Jamaican television," TVJ said. "It demonstrates the high standards which Television Jamaica's highly acclaimed, award-winning morning variety show consistently achieves. In the most recent public opinion survey, Smile Jamaica has 84 per cent audience share of the fiercely competitive morning television market in the greatest period of dominance for Television Jamaica.”

This definitely has the makings of a great production. Looking forward to it…

RASTA GOT SOUL: Creative inspiration comes from a plethora of sources, but one of the most immediately accessible, naturally, is the real-life experience. Reggae star Protoje can readily attest to this, having transformed a piece of his romantic past into musical magic. His newest radio-ready single “Rasta Love,” the heartfelt, prejudice-ridden story of a young lady, the militant Rastafarian youth she fancies, and her disapproving father, happens to be something very close to an experience he himself went through. “‘Rasta Love’ came from a personal experience, not necessarily that I wanted to be with a girl whose parents didn’t approve, but she wasn’t allowed to express herself freely because of restrictions from her parents. I just used her as a muse for this song,” Protoje explains in the new (and inaugural) issue of Teen Spirit E-Zine. “With ‘Rasta Love’ it wasn’t just a boy/girl relationship thing; it was discrimination in general. I’ve seen people being sent off their jobs for stuff like that.”

Protoje’s debut album, The Seven Year Itch, is out now. Read the review HERE.

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