Sunday, 20 February 2011

DEON SILVERA: The dynamic stage and TV actress displays her range in ‘Judgement’; dishes on career, relationships and her close-knit family

BLACK BEAUTY: "I’ve been very lucky to be blessed with the kind of family I have," concedes Silvera.

Currently wowing audiences as a genuine romantic-at-heart in the critically praised theatre production Judgement, actress Deon Silvera is back to doing something for which she has enthusiastic affection: losing herself in compelling character work, a passion that ranks high on a list that also includes devotion to family. Here, Silvera opens up to TALLAWAH about the play, her romantic history, and life as mother to three young men.

In what ways does your character Janet stand out from the many other women you’ve portrayed on stage?
Janet is very different. I’ve played so many women, and most of them have been in control of their situations. It is not the same with Janet. She is not in control until near the end. For most of the play, she is very naïve, but I love her. She gets to turn the tables, and that’s something that I quite like.

In the play, the character meets and falls for a handsome but shady dreamboat. Did you find that you were at all able to relate to her situation?
There are men like that everywhere. I actually met a guy like him once but nothing came out of it because I was already involved in my current relationship.

How was it re-uniting with your Jamaica 2 Rahtid costar Dahlia Harris after such a long time?
To reunite with her was awesome because Dahlia and I have excellent chemistry. So I’ve always wanted to work with her again. And when she called me and told me that we would be doing the play, the anticipation was a big thing for me. I couldn’t wait for the audiences to get to see us onstage working together again. Terri Salmon is another actress that I have that kind of great chemistry with.

Friendship and love play important roles in the play. Tell me about your first romance.
Well, my first love is the same man I’m with right now. It was love at first sight, and we have been together for 27 years now. When we first met I had my doubts because he is Rastafarian, and I didn’t know how my parents would respond, but it has been great ever since. We do have the ups and downs like all relationships but we stick it out to make it work.

You’re also a mother of three boys. Have any expressed an interest in following you into acting?
Not even one (Laughs). But two of them are quite dramatic, especially when they are telling stories. People love to be around them because they are the life of the party. The middle one is more reserved like his father. All three of them, though, are more into the business side of life. They like what I do as an actress, and they respect it, but I don’t see them entering this kind of career field at all. But I’ve been very lucky to be blessed with the kind of family I have, and I am grateful.

TALENTED TRIO: Silvera, Andre Morris and Harris share the stage in Judgement.


  1. the play did shot mi wish mi cudda si it again.

  2. the play did shot mi wish mi cudda si it again.