Saturday, 19 February 2011

GOOD GIRL GONE BADASS: Cherine teases, seduces and shows her sexy wild side in new “Make Up Sex” video

Cherine is a sexually liberated woman in her fresh-out-the-wrapper music video for the dancefloor-perfect single “Make Up Sex”. I’m loving this side of the multi-faceted dancehall-soul queenpin, and I’m sure many of you, dear readers, are too.

From the hold-nothing-back lyrics to the fiercely captivating dance sequences, “Make Up Sex” casts Cherine in a dazzling new light before our eyes, while pointing squarely to her ongoing evolution as a singer-songwriter and a true and gifted artist who is fully cognizant of how to deliver what her audience craves – and does so with the right touch of class and sex appeal without descending into lewdness.

But back to “Make Up Sex,” for which the title speaks (quite lucidly) for itself. To say that Cherine puts in the sweat here would be to understate the facts absolutely. Homegirl puts her back into it. Outfitted in a dark blue, figure-flattering catsuit, she makes light work of what looks like a medium-sized yellow trailer, displaying her domineering side as she stands astride the parked vehicle. In another unforgettable scene, a possibly cheating boyfriend gets a taste of her ire when he is pinned against a wall and forced to drop trou for her to “search it.”

Then there’s the high-energy, waistline-punishing dance moves for which Cherine is robustly supported by a uniformed, all-female bevy of lithe backup dancers. Sharply directed by Kevin Lee, “Make Up Sex” serves, additionally, as a reminder of Cherine’s penchant for boundary-challenging wardrobe pieces, fab accessories and big hair. And in the new video all the elements blend together nicely for a spicy and fun and forcefully sexy good time.

Watch the vid below:

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  1. She has definitely highlighted her acting and singing talent in this video...very entertaining