Sunday, 13 February 2011

VALENTINE’S DAY MORSEL: ANDRE and ETANA keep the fire of their love burning...

“And youuuuuu love me the way I am...” – Ingrid Michaelson

Do actor Andre Morris and singer Etana have the love others are searching for? Apparently that’s a decent conclusion to draw, judging from the word on the street and these gorgeous tell-tale pics and the mix of congratulatory and I-wish-I-had-what-they-had type of comments accompanying them on Facebook.

The Morrises, both in their mid-20s, recently shared these photos – and a few others – with the public, and not a moment too soon as it’s been a good minute since we’ve been witness evidence of the magical chemistry that these two share which culminated in a secret wedding ceremony sometime last year. Undeniable passion like theirs should be celebrated on the mountaintops to serve as inspiration for the less fortunate among us, those who need a little reminder ever so often that real love does still exist in this world.

In light of their blossoming individual careers, there’s all the more reason to pause and celebrate unions like the Morrises as proof that love and career are certainly not mutually exclusive, despite constant suggestion in the media of the contrary. When it comes to love and life, you can have it all – even as you patiently wait for the day when baby makes three...

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  1. wow a should a me a get da kiss deh from etana