Sunday, 6 March 2011

ACTOR BOY NOMINATIONS: What went wrong? The 5 biggest surprises and snubs

WE WANT JUSTICE: Legal drama Against His Will, one of 2010's best offerings, comes up short on Actor Boy noms.

Now that the Actor Boy nominations have been announced, it’s time for me to do my civic duty and take a closer look at this year’s crop of contenders. In a nutshell, some things went according to plan -- White Witch with the most noms? Check. Lots of acting love for Judgement? Check. But several things about the list have left me bewildered. Here are my five biggest surprises:

Against His Will gets skunked.
It’s just mind-boggling that one of the year’s most compelling, well-acted dramas scores a single nomination. What’s more, when it came to stage work, very few actors last year gave stronger, award-worthy performances than Jerry Benzwick, Nadean Rawlins and Jean-Paul Menou.

No Appropriate Behaviour for Best Production.
Major shocker here that 2010’s most engaging, well-wrought and delightful comedy (a superb ensemble showcase) is overlooked. Apparently, the judges went with the University Players’ other 2010 presentation, Tartuffe, a notorious flop.

That’s not my category.
A recurring issue year after year with Actor Boy nominations is the placement of performers in categories that do not match their roles. Case in point: this year, actresses Rishille Bellamy-Pelicie and Dahlia Harris are nominated as leads when, in fact, they were cast in supporting roles.

Glass Routes? Really?
Last year’s musical offering from UWI’s dramatic arts society, Glass Routes, had its moments, but comes nowhere close to meriting a Best Production spot, especially when you realize that far more important productions were ignored. Even the Jamaica Youth Theatre’s Graffiti would have been a more acceptable nominee in the top category.

Jamaica, Farewell makes the cut.
Hmmmm. Never saw that one coming.

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