Thursday, 24 March 2011

CASTING NOELLE: The stage princess enjoys her artistic freedom, keeps an open mind in life

WIDE VIEW: Kerr looks for growth and new opportunities this year.

Eager to advance her career with another memorable year on the stage and small screen, warm-spirited actress Noelle Kerr, up for a supporting Actor Boy award on Monday (for White Witch) tells how she plans to spread her wings.

Having earned popularity for both stage and television/film performances, how do you feel about one platform as opposed to the other?
I was born into the theatre. Both my parents are actors. So I think it will always have a hold on me, but in many ways I prefer film for its nuances.

Last year this time did you have the slightest idea that White Witch would go on to dominate the Actor Boy Award nominations?
Honestly, I knew it was a good show, but I am overwhelmed and appreciative of this positive reinforcement.

Your performance in the superb musical-drama has been singled out for nominations in both The Thespian Spirit Awards and the Actor Boy Awards. How important is this sort of recognition?
It's always been about the work for me. Although I am honoured to be nominated, it's the journey of tackling each role that excites me the most.

You're now doing Tapestry with director Fabian Thomas and a large group of actors. What's it like working with such a big ensemble?
Growing up doing JMTC and dancing with Tony Wilson got me very used to working with large groups to the point that this ensemble still feels small by comparison. We were all really supportive of each other during the process of getting this show ready, and it's such a joy to be around each other that it really isn't work anymore. I think that's the secret: love your cast.

How else are you planning to spread your wings in 2011 and beyond?
I'm hoping for new opportunities and a lot of growth in 2011. Maybe work on some personal projects. I’ve been meaning to make some time for that.

When you were a little girl trying to gaze into the future, what did the road ahead look like?
Filled with possibility. I have really supportive parents so a life in the arts was never a taboo idea. They gave me the freedom to embrace acting as a career and supported me in other creative endeavours as well, such as writing and photography. The road ahead was, and still is, filled with creativity, inspiration, a lot of hard work and maybe just a pinch of luck.

TALL ORDER: The actress on stage for The Vagina Monologues at the Theatre Place.

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