Thursday, 24 March 2011

THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE: There’s much to enjoy in the moody, powerful ‘Vagina Monologues’

Simply put, The Vagina Monologues will resonate with any woman who has ever felt some kind of way about her private lady parts. Powerful, moody and humorous but full of truth, the play (originally conceived by Eve Ensler) seems to capture such a wide-ranging span of the woman’s ‘coochie’-related experiences that more often than not I felt like I had unwittingly enrolled in Vagina 101, while taking in a performance of the play Wednesday evening at the Theatre Place in New Kingston.

Under Fabian Thomas’ frequently steady-handed direction, the minimalist production (staged in observance of V-Day 2011) blended absorbing faith-and-fortitude monologues, heartrending stories of abuse and the occasional interpretive dance piece into a delightfully engaging concoction, with nearly all members of the stellar cast earning kudos at one point or another. Tyrone's Verdict: B

Some memorable highlights:

Teisha Duncan was among the foremost standouts in the cast with brilliant pieces like 'Because He Liked To Look At It' and 'Reclaiming Cunt.'

Hilary Nicholson sassed it up for 'My Angry Vagina'.

The great Barbara McCalla was pitch-perfect as an old lady opening up for the first time about her orgasmic past in 'The Flood.'

Noelle Kerr almost moved the house to tears with 'My Vagina Was My Village,' the harrowing tale of a Bosnian sex-abuse victim.

L'Antoinette Stines (centre) and her girls gave a remarkable dance piece set to Nina Simone's classic paean to the female struggle, "Four Women"

Kerr (left) and Nadean Rawlins swapped lines in a side-splitting bit called 'The Woman Who Loved To Make Vaginas Happy,' which elicited rapturous applause.

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  1. Nice one!!! - I was Happy & Proud to be a part of this Production. As a "newbie" I was able to share the stage with some PHENOMENAL WOMEN!

    till ...