Sunday, 20 March 2011

PLAYING IT FASHIONABLY COOL: Kennea Linton shares five of the designers whose work continue to inspire and challenge her

BOSS LADY: Keneea Linton has fashion on the mind.

As host and executive producer of Mission Catwalk on TV J, Keneea Linton-George aims to help foster greater appreciation for the fashion industry in the national conversation, as well as give talented local designers the opportunity to realise their dreams. Here, the smart, business-savvy and astute Linton (an accomplished fashion designer herself) identifies five labels she endlessly admires:

Carlton Brown: “His work is very edgy and stylish, and we don’t have that many regional menswear designers that stand out. He’s very talented.”

Chanel: “I like how the line has maintained a timeless and classic look over the years.”

Armani: “Overall, he’s just an excellent designer. I admire his journey, and he’s done it all. His line has everything.” (Laughs)

Vera Wang: “I especially like her bridal wear. Very classy and elegant.”

Barry Moncrieffe: “As designers, he and I have a very similar colour scheme in our love for black and white. His designs are sophisticated and very stylish.”

Catch Linton hosting Mission Catwalk on TV J, Tuesdays at 8:30pm (repeated Thursdays at 11:00pm)

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