Wednesday, 30 March 2011

NEW YORK STATE OF MIND: Singer Mario Evon rocks Ashford and Simpson's Sugar Bar

Jamaican vocalist Mario Evon is wasting no time making a name for himself in the Big Apple, hastening to earn a rep as an island boi with that raw passion and fiery soul.

On the weekend, the rising reggae-R&B star completed his latest gig, a performance at the cozy Ashford and Simpson's Sugar bar in Manhattan. No doubt Evon had the crowd swaying and the ladies swooning as he gave them a taste of his trademark suave delivery and musical charm.

The event, which was promoted by TE Music, featured as the main act Yanelle Dugar as well as other talented openers such as Shalea, Ashton Martin & Daylan Knight.

SUPPORT CAST: Evon is flanked by friends Averil Weir, DeLeon Hazel and Tracy Smith, who came out to cheer on their boy.

(Photos cred: De Leon Hazel of 3Kings Magazine)

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