Monday, 30 May 2011

CALABASH CREATIONS: Albert Jonas works an artistic legacy from nature’s bounty

CREATIVE SOUL: Jonas is a wiz at transforming the calabash into gorgeous art.

One look at Albert Jonas’ exquisite art pieces and it is quite evident that each item was lovingly created to emanate a sophisticated air, grab attention and even serve as conversation-starters. Using the calabash gourd grown on trees in the Blue Mountains and other highly vegetative areas, Jonas painstakingly handcrafts each one into functional and decorative works of art. Then, after a little polish to make them come alive, the beautiful finished products boast elements that are fun to look at while exuding a warm, home-friendly personality.

Little surprise that Jonas, who hails from Irish Town, St. Mary, has amassed an expanding clientele of local and overseas customers. “When people visit Jamaica they purchase a lot to take back home. So you find that my creations can be found all over the world,” says Jonas, who has been working with calabash for the past six years. His vibrant pieces, modestly priced between $400 and $1,000, are perfect for jazzing up offices and living room walls and make for absolutely fabulous presents. Contact: 589-7551;

DETAILED DESIGNS: Fascinating examples of Jonas' creations.

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  1. His brother Everton Jonas is also a master mind with the calabash, they both do greatwork!