Monday, 30 May 2011

COUNTRY HOUSE: Reviving body and spirit with the essence of lemon grass

NATURE LOVERS: The Reids serve customers, eager to sample their buzzy line of products.

“Lemon grass is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, and our products carry all those benefits and goodness,” says Sonia Reid, remarking on the wondrous effects to be experienced upon indulging in any of the merchandise from Country House Products, the line her son-of-the-soil husband, Professor Harvey Reid, has birthed. Primarily derived from a special variety of the lemon grass which then undergoes an eventful journey, the line today encompasses elegant bath and personal care products – and the tea, known for its heady but invigorating aroma.

Established in 2009, Country House Products is essentially the culmination of Professor Reid’s longtime desire “to optimally exploit the aromatherapy and other therapeutic benefits of lemon grass” working mainly from his home-base of Warwick district in Cross Keys, Manchester, while often collaborating closely with the Scientific Research Council and facilitated by a grant from the EU-GOJ Private Sector Development Programme.

Up next: the Country House line (available through leading retailers islandwide) is being repackaged to further enhance its global appeal to tap into overseas markets. In the meantime, go ahead and revive your body and spirit with your picks from the bunch: the body wash, hand wash, body lotion, shampoos, conditioners, body spritz, candles or tea (both lemon grass and cerasee). Contact: 359-3402;

'COUNTRY' STRONG: Samples from the Country House line of products.

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