Wednesday, 18 May 2011

END OF AN ERA: Nadine Sutherland procures growth from ‘Rising Stars’ experience

HOT SEAT: The original Rising Stars judging panel (McKenzie, Sutherland and Miller).

Perhaps more than any other period in her life, the past decade is replete with wonderful memories for Nadine Sutherland. And the veteran entertainer is the first to admit that many of those fond memories are born from her seven-year stint as a judge on Digicel Rising Stars. Working alongside Clyde ‘Mr. Cool’ McKenzie and Anthony ‘Killer’ Miller, Sutherland struck a chord with contestants and the Jamaican audience alike as the ‘nice judge,’ (too nice at times, some might say) widely appreciated for her hyper can-do spirit and pleasant, warm demeanour.

With the show’s producers adopting for the 2011 season a spanking new format while recruiting a fresh crop of judges (Bambino, Tessanne Chin and a weekly guest) and Terri-Karelle Griffith-Reid to host, Sutherland’s spot on the hit televised talent show is now a thing of the past. But Sutherland is all for evolution in her personal life, as well as anything she finds herself a part of, so if there’s one thing that she takes away from the experience, it’s growth. “I grew a lot during my time on the show,” she admits via telephone. “A lot of it was in different areas of my life. I would say it was something, besides my music, that allowed me to become more analytical and surprise myself sometimes.” Many would agree.

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