Sunday, 1 May 2011

LITERARY LYME REPORT: Asante Adonai’s opening prelude

THE READER(S): Jean Lowrie-Chin and Paula-Ann Porter-Jones delight with pieces from some of their favourite authors.

What: Hosted by organisers Dr. Leahcim Semaj and Cecile Johnson Semaj, the 1st annual Asante Adonai Literary Lyme launched with a gathering of Jamaican lit lovers and the reading of excerpts from works that have impacted lives during a segment dubbed ‘Inspiration from Between the Covers.’

Where: Bookophilia, St Andrew.

When: Sunday afternoon

Guest list: Mutabaruka, Dr. Velma Pollard, Fabian Thomas, Karen Hutchinson, Aston Cooke, Aloun Assamba, Mel Cooke, Carolyn Allen, and several others.

Wine and good books: The interior bookstore setting, blended with the catering service by sponsor Juice Patties and the flow of fine wine, made for a thoroughly modern and versatile feast for those on hand.

Eye on inspiring literature: The afternoon saw a handful of celebrated names sharing selections from works that have touched or helped to shape their lives in some profound way. Among the readers were Paula-Ann Porter-Jones (who read pieces by Vachel Lindsay), Semaj (work by Ayi Kwei Armah), Fae Ellington (poems by Easton Lee) and Jean Lowrie-Chin (some Claude McKay and Christine Craig).

More appetizers to come: A second prelude event, Pre-Lyme, Post-Script, will be held on Sunday, May 15 also at Bookophilia. This will be an open mike event where poets are expected to perform. According to the organisers: “We are trying to give those persons who will miss the lyme an opportunity to share the good vibes to be had when you are washed by words.”

The Asante Adonai Literary Lyme takes place in Winefield, St Ann, on Sunday, May 22, as a sort of one-day group treatment session under the theme 'Where Creation meets Creativity.'

* Jean Lowrie-Chin recalls the great Claude McKay
* Dr. Leahcim Semaj spills details on staging of inaugural Asante Adonai

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