Monday, 23 May 2011

OUT AND ABOUT: 2011 Reggae Film Festival Special

THE 'REEL' LIFE: The 2011 Reggae Film Festival is off and running, commencing the week-long schedule of activities on Monday with an opening ceremony and the screening of a handful of shorts, trailers, animated pieces and feature-length documentaries, including the long-awaited Jamaican premiere of Holding on to Jah, from directors Roger Hall and Harrison Stafford. It was a fairly large crowd that filled the Studio 38 courtyard in New Kingston, comprised of folks from the entertainment set, the diplomatic corps and the local, regional and wider film communities. Some highlights of faces in the crowd:

'QUEENS' REUNION: Show of hands those who can call recall that Audrey Reid (right) and Cherine played the fearless mother-daughter duo in Dancehall Queen, the hit 1995 Jamaican movie? The fab twosome reunited for the cameras at the fest Monday evening in New Kingston. Great seeing you, girls!

I'VE GOT THE GLOW: While discussing her sweetly provocative 12-minute clip, Dinner, with chief festival organizer, Barbara Blake-Hannah, Antiguan writer and filmmaker Tameka Jarvis-George (left) could hardly conceal her thrill. With a film as poetic and blush-inducing as hers, you totally understand.

SHE'S ROYAL: In between duties backstage (like getting the films in the correct running order), and introducing the night's special guests, Barbara Blake-Hannah somehow managed to keep her smart, gorgeously royal look in complete check.

GIMME SOME: At any event that Digicel sponsors, one can expect loads of freeness, and these lucky customers, armed with their Blackberry Bold phones, were all too eager to partake of the fun giveaways.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: With their chic ensembles and dazzling dos, Cherine and Audrey Reid (who many believe should do another movie together) were invited to the stage by the evening's emcee, Amber, to greet the sizeable Studio 38 crowd.

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